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Chronology (1954 – 2015)

No. Names Portfolios
1. G. Hawkesworth Chairman
2. Mallam Yahaya Gusau Member
3. Sir Samuel Manuwa Member
4. Mr. H.U. Kaine Member
5. Mr. Fraser G. Selbey Member
No. Names Portfolios
1. G. Hawkesworth Chairman
2. Sir Manuel Manuwa Member
3. Mallam Sule Katagum Member
4. Mr. J.W.H. Allen Member
5. Chief Arthur Prest Member
6. Mallam Hassan Turakin Adamawa Member
7. Mr. C.C. Mojekwu Member
8. Mr. T.M. Barton Member
No. Names Portfolios
1. Alhaji Sule Katagum Chairman
2. Sir Samuel Manuwa Member
3. Alhaji Yusuf Jega Member
4. Chief M.E.R. Okorodudu Member (Till April, 1969)
5. *Dr. L.O. Uwechia Member
*Dr. L.O. Uwechia had been a member of the Commission for three years (1964 – 1967) before he left for the Eastern Region in the wake of the Civil War. He was re-appointed Commissioner after the war with effect from 1st March, 1970, for a period of one year
No. Names Portfolios
1. Professor O. Kesandu Ogan Chairman
2. Alhaji Bagudu Shetima Deputy Chairman
3. Chief Olubunmi Thomas Commissioner
4. Alhaji Ali Rano Commissioner
5. *Chief M. O. Ani Commissioner
6. Dr. Sambo Daju Commissioner
7. Professor M.A. Danmole Commissioner
8. Alh. (Dr.) Othman Ladan-Baki Commissioner
9. Mr. Simeon Idemyor Commissioner
10. *Mrs W.S. Obaseki Commissioner
11. *Alhaji Mamman Bayero Commissioner
*In October 1976, Chief M.O. Ani was appointed Chairman, Federal Electoral Commission.   Two new members, Mrs W.S. Obaseki and Alhaji Mamman Bayero were appointed w.e.f. 10th October, 1977 and 1st December, 1977 respectively.
No. Names Portfolios
1. Professor O. Kesandu Ogan Chairman
2. Alhaji Bagudu Shetima Deputy Chairman
3. Chief Olubunmi Thomas Commissioner
4. Dr. Sambo Daju Commissioner
5. Alh. (Dr.) Othman Ladan-Baki Commissioner
6. Mr. Simeon Idemyor Commissioner
7. Mrs W.S. Obaseki Commissioner
8. Alhaji Mamman Bayero Commissioner
9. *Alhaji Aliyu Maru Commissioner
10. *Professor M.A. Danmole Commissioner
*(i)   Prof. O.K. Ogan (Chairman) died on 24th of August, 1980
*(ii)  Alhaji A. Maru and Prof. M.A. Danmole were re-appointed with effect from 24th May and 22nd September, 1978 respectively.
No. Names Portfolios
1. Alhaji Bagudu Shetima Chairman
2. *Alh. (Dr.) Othman Ladan-Baki, OFR Commissioner
3. Alhaji Mamman Bayero Commissioner
4. Alhaji Aliyu Maru Commissioner
5. M.M. Ashorobi Commissioner
6. Mr. Ben N. Chukwudebe Commissioner
7. Chief E.I. Eyoma Commissioner
8. Alhaji A.A. Jimoh Commissioner
9. Mr. B.M. Hirse Commissioner
*Alhaji (Dr.) Othman Ladan-Baki, OFR, was appointed Chairman, National Assembly Service Commission in 1982.
No. Names Portfolios
1. Alhaji Bagudu Shetima Chairman
2. Alhaji Mamman Bayero Commissioner
3. Alhaji Aliyu Maru Commissioner
4. M.M. Ashorobi Commissioner
5. Chief E.I. Eyoma Commissioner
6. Mr. B.M. Hirse Commissioner
7. Mr. John O. Sagay Commissioner
8. Alhaji S.G. Omar Commissioner
No. Names Portfolios
1. Alhaji S. Kazaure Chairman
2. Mr. B.M. Hirse Commissioner
3. Mr. John O. Sagay Commissioner
4. Alhaji S.G. Omar Commissioner
5. Alhaji Z. Gorgoram Commissioner
6. Chief R.S.G. Agiobu-Kemmer Commissioner
7. Mr. J.K. Kolawole Commissioner
8. Alhaji M. Idu Commissioner
9. Chief S.N. Okpi, MBE, OON Commissioner
10. Chief (Mrs) M.O. Shonekan Commissioner
11. Alhaji S. Sulaiman Commissioner
12. *Dr. S.O. Irune (JP), P.hD Commissioner
*Mr. J.O. Sagay was replaced in 1992 by Dr. S.O. Irune.
No. Names Portfolios
1. Alhaji Abubakar Umar, CON, rcds Chairman
2. Amb. UsmanGali Galtimari Chairman
3. Alhaji S. Sulaiman Commissioner
4. Dr. S.O. Irune (JP) Commissioner
5. Alhaji A.M. Magaji, CON Commissioner
6. Alhaji I. Baba, JP, OON Commissioner
7. A.J.K.G. Imam, Esq., OON Commissioner
8. Alhaji K. Maigoro, mni Commissioner
9. Alhaji U. Dewa Commissioner
10. R.M.A. Ogenyi, Esq., OON Commissioner
11. Chief B. Kotun Commissioner
12. Prince A. Omojowolo Commissioner
13. T.A. Anumudu Esq., mni Commissioner
14. Chief D.O. Dede Commissioner
15. Prince A.B.O. Odey Commissioner
16. Alhaji M.S. Koro Commissioner
17. T.N. Onaga, Esq., Commissioner
*Alhaji Abubakar Umar (Chairman), died in January, 1998 and was replaced by Amb. Usman Gali Galtimari.
No. Names Portfolios
1. Amb. Ahmed Al-Gazali, OON, mni, mda Chairman
2. Dr. S.O. Irune, (JP) Commissioner
3. Amb. I. Bindawa Commissioner
4. Alhaji Y.A. Yabo Commissioner
5. Amb. Z.M. Kazaure Commissioner
6. Dr. A. Yabani Commissioner
7. Aliyu A. Wali Commissioner
8. Mrs Lami Buba Commissioner
9. Alhaji K. Idris Commissioner
10. Chief D. Ijaduola Commissioner
11. Mr. K.O. Bolaji Commissioner
12. Chief N.C. Okoronkwo, mni Commissioner
13. Obong A. Uwah Commissioner
14. Chief A. Adeyemi Commissioner
No. Names Portfolios
1. Hon. V.A. Olabimtan Commissioner (4th August, 2009)
2. Mr. J.O. Ogbole Commissioner (7th August, 2009)
No. Names Portfolios
1. Dns. Joan Olatoyosi Ayo, OON Chairman
2. Mr. J.O. Akande OON Commissioner
3. Alhaji R.B. Tinubu Commissioner
4. Dr. Mohammed H. Babanka Commissioner
5. Alhaji Ibrahim Mohammed Commissioner
6. Alhaji Yahaya Yusuf Commissioner
7. Dr. Garba Buwai, OON mni Commissioner
8. Alhaji Hassan U. Sokodabo Commissioner
No. Names Portfolios
1. Professor A. Diyo Sheidu Commissioner
2. Dr. E.C. Ihedioha Commissioner
3. Evang. H.O. Ikiriko Commissioner
4. Dr. (Mrs) N.A. Etolue Commissioner
5. Mr. Simon Etim mni Commissioner
6. Alhaji Muhammed Surajo Wudil Commissioner
No. Names Portfolios
1. Dr. Chimaobi Odunze Ozichi Commissioner (Replaced Dr. E.C. Ihedioha)
2. Dr. Jonah Madugu Commissioner
No. Name Portfolio
1. Amb. Toye Olofintuyi Commissioner (22nd April, 2015)

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